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Useful Industrial Limited, established in 1982, is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer specializing in disposable hygienic products. Since 1989, the company has established its own factory in Shenzhen, China. 

Apart from selling to the Mainland market, Useful’s products are also exported to many different countries around the world as well. Their refined quality has helped Useful to acquire OEM orders from many world-renowned brand names from Europe, America and Asia. 

Useful possesses powerful R&D and engineering capabilities. Over the years, the company has been able to release many innovative and expedient products. High-end tissues, hygienic wet tissues and disposable bibs & mats products are the major product ranges. 

Useful was the world’s first in developing disposable bibs, and this product is patent-registered in China. After securing a leading position in the market of disposable bibs, the company went on to apply the same material to release multiuse disposable pads for changing diapers or used with weighting scales. By doing so, Useful has been able to extend its customer base from households to other public or private entities such as hospitals, clinics or nurseries. 

As the company name suggests, Useful always aims at producing useful, cozy and eco-friendly products that can meet the ever changing market needs and customer requirements. The company’s philosophies and beliefs are revealed by the company logo: 

• The outer circle represents the company’s entirety and its vital business philosophy of ‘always make products that fit the needs of the market’. 

• The square embraced within represents the company’s integrity, as well as standardized management and stringent quality benchmark.  

•  The four triangles inside represents the Useful’s emphasis on communication – within the enterprise as well as between the enterprise and customers. 
In the future, Useful will continue to develop along the principles and values derived from the company name and logo. These dedications, together with the company’s commitment on scientific innovations and quality management (guaranteed by ISO9001: 2008 certification), Useful targets at becoming a leading modernized enterprise in the near future.


To make hygiene more convenient, more comfortable and eco-friendly 
Work with goal, Communicate to achieve, Responsible for the result 
Be Creative & Innovative for sustainable development 
Grab every opportunity to achieve our goal